Secrets of Winning Personal Investing

Getting your personal finance into healthy shape isn't that difficult these days--thanks to the availability of mutual funds, investing in everything from the stock market to bonds to foreign currency. By picking the right mix of mutual funds, you can match the return you want...

11 Steps to Investing

It's easy to get caught up in the exciting world of investments, where big returns are promised and risks are played down. But are you really ready to start making investments? Here's a checklist before you start investing, to help you avoid unnecessary losses and maximize your gains.

Frugal Investing Made Easy

Investing isn't as scary or as hard as it seems. It also does not have to be very expensive. Here are my five rules for becoming a successful investor: First, Reduce your risk by putting your investment money into at least four different asset categories that are likely to react in different ways...

Investing in Foreign Currencies

There are two ways to take advantage of the ups and downs of managed floating rates between currencies: Investing and speculating. When investing, our main concern should be to conserve your capital, not to make large gains. At any time that your dollars are weak...

Investing in Pearls

Just as with fine diamonds, price and quality vary greatly from pearl to pearl. Investing in a fine strand of pearls should involve much time, care and research. Fist look for luster, the most prized quality is the glow within a pearl's shadow areas (best viewed away from direct light).

How to Make Money in Real Estate

The best way to make money from real estate: Buy when times are so tough that insurance companies and banks are taking possession of properties they don't want and are trying to sell them off quickly. The best places to look are regions experiencing major economic dislocations.

How to Save Money on Life Insurance

Before you approach an insurance agent, determine how much insurance you need to buy. Rule of thumb: Life insurance coverage equal to seven times annual income for the breadwinner of a family of four. If your employer's group insurance provides coverage for one or two times your income...