Mutual Funds

List of Mutual Funds in the Philippines

Looking to invest in mutual funds in the Philippines? With this comparative list, you can examine the cost of making the investment, the fees that fund managers charge, the year-to-date return and the five-year return of each mutual fund.

Why Invest In Mutual Funds?

Filipinos do not save enough. They also do not invest enough. Even people who put away money for long-term goals, such as college, a home down payment or retirement, do so in the least risky ways--in certificates of deposit and accounts paying fixed rate of interest, or in government bonds.

Mutual Fund Investing Mistakes

Mutual fund investing is so simple that many people convince themselves they can outsmart the markets. Bad move. The only way to build wealth with mutual funds is to avoid the urge to be recklessly aggressive or to second-guess major moves in the economy.

Peter Lynch's Powerful Rules for Mutual Fund Investors

Making money investing in mutual funds isn't at all complicated. Here are my simple rules: Pick funds with consistent annual returns. Go with funds that have performed well over each of the past five--or 10--years. Be sure that each fund's current manager is responsible for the record.

Answers to Your Big Questions About Mutual Funds

Investors are pouring big money into mutual funds. Yet I'm always surprised at how little most people know about the funds in which they invest. Here are answers to the most common questions I'm asked by average fund investors...

How to Judge a Mutual Fund

Equity mutual funds are an alternative to individual stocks. They are an easy way to participate in the stock market. They enable the investor to diversity risk and obtain professional management. How do you choose the right equity fund out of the handful available?